Custom MX Dirt Bike Graphic Kits.  

Custom graphic kits & decals designed to your specs. Delivered ready to install.

Designed & Produced in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Shipped Anywhere.

Full Custom

KFX 250F  Graphic Kit

For Andrew Horner #12

Full Custom Kits
Every square inch of the kit is designed to your spec. Your colours, effects, number style, name style, & sponsorship logos can all be customized.


Semi-Custom Kits

Add your number style & name style to an existing kit that we've already created. Click here to see our design packages.


Single Panels

Shroud Kits, Number Plates, Swing Arms, Lower Fork Guards.  

Team & Dealership Promo Stickers

Need to promote your team and/or dealership when you're at the track or if you're representing at an event? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of material will my graphics be printed on? How thick will be decals be?

A: All of our graphic kits are printed on a 6mil matte white, soft, flexible base media with a clear permanent acrylic (high bond) adhesive. The printed graphics are protected with a high gloss 8mil over laminate. Our graphics will conform to complex curves and resist wrinkling, which makes application easy with professional results. The high bond adhesive sticks to low surface energy (LSE) plastics and powder-coated paint. And it stays stuck.

Q: How long does the process take? What is involved?

A: There are a few stages to designing & producing a custom graphic kit. First, we need to collect information based on your bike: year, make & model and wether your plastics are stock OEM or aftermarket. Sometimes the longest part of creating a custom kit is the design process. The design process usually takes a few days. The designer assigned to your kit will need to know which colours & design patterns you prefer, your desired number & name styles along with any sponsorship logos you would like to be included. Once you approved the design mockup, your graphics will be printed, laminated & finished and will be ready to be picked up or shipped within 48-72 hours. Depending on the complexity of your graphics and your physical location, the process can take anywhere from 5-10 business days.

Q: Can my sponsors' logos be incorporated in my graphic kit?

A: Yes. Sponsor logos must be provided in a vector format (eps, pdf, ai, svg) or in JPEG at 300dpi. Depending on the desired design, we may require that sponsor logos be supplied with a transparent background. In the design stage, the designer assigned to your project will specify which kind of logo/file type will be required. Please note: If your sponsor is unable to provide a suitable file, our design team can assist in reproducing a digital copy at our hourly rate for graphic design services.

Q: Does Visual Vinyl install the graphic kit on my bike?

A: The advertised prices of our graphic kits do not include installation. We do offer installation, and would provide an estimate if needed. We only offer installation in the Cornwall, Ontario, Canada & surrounding areas of Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Q: My bike has aftermarket plastics (or a mix of stock OEM and aftermarket). Does this change anything?

A: No problem! Although it really isn't a problem, this will slightly increase the cost of your kit. Before commencing any work, we will always confirm the type of plastics you have. We can substitute stock panels for any Acebris, Carenagem, Cycra, Polisport or UFO alternatives.